Facebook Ads is one of the most popular connectors used on Looker Studio, and the quality of this template reflects that demand. This Facebook Ads Report Template has 4 pages, and allows a full drilldown into Campaign, Ad Group and Ad Set level performance. The focus on the template is to give advertisers an accurate account of their costs and return on ad spend, as well as a day by day break down of revenue.

Performance can also be broken down by device, country and age range to indicate which audience segment has provided the best results. A final with trends allows users to view the long term performance of their ad account. Another feature of the Facebook Ads connector is multi-ad-account support, with users being able to connect multiple ad accounts and view aggregated results across their portfolio.

Users are able to get their data into this template in just a few clicks, with the starting point being to click “Get this report template”.

The Template is free to access but requires a monthly subscription to Avian to connect to the data sources.



Facebook Ads Template for Looker Studio

Maximize your Facebook Ads insights with our comprehensive Looker Studio template. Dive deep into campaign performance at every level, from Campaign to Ad Set, and track ROI with detailed cost breakdowns and revenue analysis. Benefit from multi-ad-account support and customizable audience segmentation to optimize your targeting strategy. Get started with just a few clicks and unlock the full potential of your ad campaigns today. Free to access with a monthly subscription to data sources.

Last Updated 02 May, 2024

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