With Facebook Pages being one of the most popular outlets for business information and customer interaction, as well as the requirement of having a Facebook Page to run ads on Facebook, Page Insights are in huge demand.

The Facebook Page Insights Template features insights into where your Page Followers are from, helping to expose click-fraud or low-quality followers from non-target demographics. The template also highlights where new likes of your page come from, so your company is able to see whether your page is being actively suggested to new customers.

Conversely, it is also possible to view why people removed their likes from your companies page — if, for example, the users account was deactivated, or the users simply unliked your page.

The content section allows your company to view the performance of content posted on your page, such as text content, photo content and media like videos or shorts. This is useful to see if your content has received a viral boost from the Facebook Algorithm, also known as “Viral Reach” and “Viral Impressions”.

The Template is free to access but requires a monthly subscription to connect to the data sources.



Facebook Page Insights Template for Looker Studio

Last Updated 30 April, 2023

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