Google Search Ads 360 is a powerful way to run large campaigns for your biggest clients. But with powerful tools and tons of data, running ad campaigns for enterprise can be overwhelming. Luckily, this Google Looker Studio dashboard from Supermetrics simplifies your performance metrics into an easy-to-understand, one-page resource.

Filter data by individual campaign, or group campaigns together to get a detailed overview. Visualize your metrics in clear and colorful charts and tables — the key metrics like CPC, CPM, cost, clicks, CTR, and impressions are all included. And do all of this in a design that you can be confident sharing with your biggest clients.

What will you find in this resource?

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the resource.
  • Metrics broken down into clicks (impressions, clicks, CTR) and costs (CPC, CPM).
  • Results from your more successful campaigns.
  • Charts for location demographics.


  • Connections: Supermetrics
  • Set up difficulty: Easy (Please note, while the template is free to use, Supermetrics will require you to create an account if you decide to use their connector to connect to your data sources.)
  • Who’s it for?: Anyone running large campaigns with Search Ads 360 who wants more accessible analytics.
  • Created by: Supermetrics



Google Search Ads 360 Reporting Template by Supermetrics


Last Updated 08 December, 2022

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