Thankyou for your application to become a new vendor.  Please note that vendor approval can take up to 24 hours.  Once you have been approved as a vendor you can begin to setup your profile and add in products. 

This page provides instructions to help you setup and troubleshoot any onboarding issues.  On this page we will cover

  • The Vendor sign up process
  • Vendor Dashboard & Settings
  • Adding New Products

New Vendor Sign Up

This stage has 3 steps, if you have already signed up as a vendor, please skip this section

1) Please ensure you have completed the the new vendor registration form at 

2) You will then receive an email confirming your registration.  

3) The Team at Data Studio Templates will review and approve you, you will receive an email alert letting you know you have been approved: 

Vendor Dashboard & Settings

Your vendor dashboard allows you to change your vendor store settings, commission payment details and most importantly, add new products to the site:

Store settings allows you to add:

  • A logo
  • Your vendor store email that will receive information when purchases are made
  • Paypal email address for commission payouts

The Profile Settings allows you to add:

  • Website URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Linkedin URL
  • Youtube URL
  • Facebook URL

These will appear on your vendor store page as links.

Adding a new product

1. Click on add new product in the product menu on the right

2. Add a Product name, description and select product categories and tags:

N.B. The product name and description plays a large role in SEO and generating traffic to your template. A large portion of sales made on is through direct landings so we encourage you to spend some extra time coming up with a SEO friendly template name and writing a unique, detailed description. We recommend a minimum of 150 words.

3. In the product data section,

  • Select “Virtual” and “Downloadable”
  • Set a regular price at which you would like to sell your template
  • Add a copyable version of your template to the downloadable files section
  • Please also share this copy of your template with [email protected]

4. Review your product and when happy, submit it for review

The Data Studio Templates team will then review your product, and perform the following tasks before publishing:

  • Create a demo copy of the report that will be displayed on the product page as a link, users will not be able to copy this version.
  • Create a copy and test that data connections work and any instructions make sense. We will also add our Google Analytics tag to this copy for data gathering.
  • Create a product image and screenshots of your template
  • Review categories and make any other minor changes.

Once the above tasks are performed, we will publish your template and tweet about it on our Twitter account @GDSTemplates