Frequently Asked Questions

About ByMarketers

byMarkets is a community marketplace powered by Marketers.  It is a place where marketers can go to buy original content created by people doing similar jobs to you that have likely already created what you are looking for.  Anyone can also be a seller, so if you have created something that has value to other marketers you can make money from it. 
Our goal is to make resources more available to everyone in the community.

In different forms, the marketplace has been around since 2016.  ByMarketers was officially founded in October 2021.  However, byMarketers was a natural evolution of the previous version of the marketplace which was founded in 2016.

DataStudioTemplates was the initial version of the marketplace concept which has now evolved into ByMarketers.  In the first couple of years we managed to enlist a great community of creators and hundreds of templates.  We were seeing over 10,000 unique visitors to the site every month and hundreds of trades happening within the marketplace monthly.  We quickly realized that our scope was too limited and that our community of predominantly marketers wanted to buy and sell more than just Data Studio Templates. We started to see other marketing resources appear in the marketplace and a naturally evolving process took place where we were catering towards marketers in general.  At that point we started building ByMarketers.  All of the original content from can be found on ByMarketers.

Customer FAQs

During the checkout process you would have been prompted to setup an account. You are able to log back into your account at any time and access your products.  Some products will be downloadable files and others will be online files.  If you need to download your product you will be able to do this from within your account. 
Upon successful purchase you will also receive an email with a link to download your file as well. 
If you have any issues please contact us via the webform.

At the top right of the website there is a link to login or signup.  Please use this link to sign into your account

Yes, all of your past purchases are available to you via your account.  You can log in to your account at anytime

Yes, you will receive a receipt to your email after making a purchase.  

ByMarketers predominantly makes money by charging sellers a 50% commission on their sales. We do make some secondary income from affiliate links on the website promoting other relevant services.  There is no fee charged to buyers on the website.

Because our products are digital products, once you have purchased it and made a copy of it or downloaded it, there is no way for us to receive it back from you.  Therefore we cannot provide refunds.  
If you are very unhappy with your purchase please contact us via the webform and we will try to resolve your concern.  We do not want any of our customers to be unhappy.

Please contact us and we can discuss options

As we are a marketplace hosting products from multiple sellers we cannot provide in-depth support for all products.  
If you have an issue we can try and provide limited support or else we will connect you with the product creator. 

Firstly please read the help / FAQ page.  If you still need assistance please reach out to us via the webform on the contact us page.  We are here to assist you.

Yes, in some cases we do.  For example we have a custom Data Studio service.  Please reach out to us for more information via the contact form

Seller FAQs

We welcome anyone interested in becoming a seller to signup as a vendor. You can do this by clicking the signup link in the top right of the website.  You will then be prompted to signup and please tick the checkbox for vendor.

If you have any resources that you have created that are relevant to the marketing industry (or other industries), ByMarketers provides you a platform to make extra money from selling them.  The benefits to sellers are wide because we have no upfront costs.  By listing your work you take no risk, you can make money and you are able to advertise and promote your work.

You can sell any resources that you have.  This includes PDF’s, spreadsheets, Word docs, slides, presentations, how to guides etc… Anything you can think of in a digital format.  We recommend they be geared towards marketers. 

The marketplace is designed to attract marketers and resources for them.However we are not closed to other industries and we do have other resources sold on the marketplace.  We’ve noticed that finance is another industry which is quite popular on the marketplace

Yes, it is absolutely free to list on ByMarketers and there are no upfront costs for sellers.  ByMarketers makes money from charging a 50% commission from any sale you make as a Seller.  This means that you are never out of pocket and are only charged once you make money. 

We charge a 50% commission to sellers on sales made.  This means there is no upfront costs.  When a seller makes a sale, they will receive in their account 50% of the sale revenue.

We are currently paying sellers via stripe.  This means you will need to sign up with a stripe account and provide us these details when you sign up as a seller.  If this is a problem for you please let us know and we will provide alternative solutions.

At this stage you will be required to have a stripe account to get paid.  This is easy to setup.  If this is an issue for you, please let us know and we will provide alternative options

We pay out our sellers monthly via Stripe

After you have signed up as a seller, within your dashboard you will see the option to ‘add a product’.  We have created a straight forward process to allow you to add products quickly and easily.
After adding a product it will be subject to approval by the byMarketers team, this can take up to 48 hours, but usually happens much quicker.

It’s impossible for us to say exactly how many sales and dollars you will make as this depends on the popularity of your product.  We have some products on the site that make hundreds of sales a month.

You can add as many products as you like.  All products are subject to approval by the byMarketers team before going live.  The approval process can take up to 48 hours, but usually will happen much quicker.