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SEO is important to every business because it allows you to capitalize on user’s search intent. And, while not free after the investment of time and team members, its a long term play that can pay dividends long after the page or article is written.

Some SEO experts will look at their data daily or weekly to see what’s ranking, how pages are performing, and researching new opportunities for their team. Analyzing your data monthly should be sufficient. Remember to always compare to historical data so you can see whether your rankings, impressions, and clicks are trending in the right direction.

While Excel is certainly a powerhouse, especially when it comes to formulas, Data Studio has the upperhand with data exploration. It allows you to dig deeper into data points and set filters to isolate data. Plus, it makes for a better presentation than Excel.

Many SEO teams like to target specific keywords and develop pages that rank for those keyword queries. As such, common KPIs include, average rank, impressions, clicks, click-thru-rate, etc.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to methods that assist your website rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes your website more visible to visitors using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find answers that your brand, product, or service can deliver. In addition to site design, structure, visitor behaviours and content, search engine algorithms also use off-site variables to ultimately decide how highly placed your site should be in their SERPs. Data plays a large part in any SEO campaign, so with templates from, you can manage your insights with ease.

As there are many different elements to an effective SEO campaign, writing a proposal for clients must be detailed and easy to understand. For more information on how to write a compelling and detailed document, check out our in-depth guide on >a href="">writing a winning SEO proposal.

Keyword research is the process of determining what your consumers are looking for, how much traffic those keywords may generate, and how tough it will be to rank for those terms. The first stage in the keyword research process is to figure out what your potential clients are looking for. From there, you’ll need to shape the content around those keywords to ensure betting rankings for those terms, and therefore more chances for organic traffic.

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