Ecommerce managers and specialists are required to sort through and analyze mountains of data.  Templates and resources can make this easier.  We work with industry leading professionals to develop excellent templates and resources.  They help you understand what to look for and assist in streamlining business processes. We stock a range of dashboards, reports and other business tools to help you save time and improve performance.

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Ecommerce FAQ

There are many different types of Ecommerce, but the main ones include Business to Business (B2B), Business to consumer (B2C), Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Administration(B2A) and Consumer to Business (C2B). Naturally, how you approach different markets will be reflected by the correct audience insight.

Ecommerce analytics can solve common business problems, such as minimizing misleading revenue models and forecasts. It also helps you understand marketing data, the marketing funnel, uncover trends, use customer data, and optimize pricing. If you have a business that ships worldwide, a geographic traffic and eCommerce report can be invaluable.

By understanding various metrics, users can narrow down their KPIs and then measure performance against them. For instance, if they want to increase sales from a particular page, they can see how many people arrive, where they come from, how long they stay, and where they go. From here, they can optimize the customer journey in different ways.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking tool keeps tabs on online purchases made through your website and can be used to monitor and examine sales data, revenue, sold goods, sales volume, user habits and more. With these insights, you can optimize pricing, and customer journeys, be ahead of trends and maximize chances for discovery and conversion.

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