About Us

We’ve been marketers ourselves for over a decade and one of the biggest things that drew us into the industry was the openness and support of the general online marketing community.  We found that knowledge and resources about digital marketing was openly shared around the web by marketing professionals, which meant that anyone could get started in digital marketing without a fancy degree or extensive training.  This was the case a decade ago and it still remains, we are constantly amazed at the case studies, templates and array of resources that the community actively shares online. 


Bymarketers is an extension of this openness and supportiveness in the general community.  We wanted to create a place that would have an abundance of marketing material for the community to benefit from.  Anyone who has created a marketing resource can become a seller and get more out of the resources they create.  Buyers can find great resources at a fraction of the cost it would take them to create it themselves.  


The goal is that everyone benefits and byMarketers becomes a value add for the whole community.  We recognise that this can only happen because of the fantastic digital marketing community that surrounds us. 

Our goal is for everyone in the community to benefit

Meet our Team

Mark Meyerson


Mark is a veteran marketer with over a decade experience running a digital marketing agency. He specializes in digital analytics and paid advertising. He spends a LOT of time looking at dashboards!

Chris Hamlin


Chris has over 15 years specialising in SEO consulting working with global clients and agencies. Chris also has a love for data and problem solving with a strong set of technical skills and experience.


UX/UI designer

Katya is a UX\UI designer from Siberia, Russia. She has been in the digital design industry for over 9 years. Having worked with graphic, game, and web-design, she has moved to UX/UI which is her current role.

The thing that excites her the most about her position is the ability to create systems from fragmented data and statistics which can work, scale and be user-friendly. She likes to work with complex and sophisticated systems connected with technical processes. In her spare time, Katya indulges her love for travel, sport, and the environment.


Digital Project Manager

When he isn’t writing about data analytics and software, Miles works as a digital project manager for a media and publishing company in Washington D.C. Previously, he held marketing and copywriting roles in the SaaS industry. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, and playing the guitar.


Front end Developer

Elena is a front end developer. She spends her time recently cruising the beaches of Bali. 

Why Data Studio Templates?

The real question is why not! As a reporting and performance tracking dashboard, Data Studio is an industry leading product. It’s especially excellent for businesses looking to tracking digital marketing performance as it integrates seamlessly with other marketing platforms. Data Studio Templates aims to help you get the most out of Data Studio with prebuilt templates, maintenance assistance and custom support.

Our Marketplace

DataStudioTemplates.com has evolved to become the largest marketplace dedicated to bringing you fantastic templates. We bring you the best premium templates from a range of excellent creators and designers. We are constantly building more templates and providing you with more options

Why We Are Better

100+ Templates

We offer over 100 custom built dashboard and report templates for Google Data Studio that you can’t find anywhere else on the web

Marketing Based

The templates have been designed in conjunction with digital marketing teams that are looking to provide value to their clients’

Package Deals

If your looking to purchase a set of templates, talk to us about our package deals