How create a TikTok report in Google Sheets

Key Points

  • By transferring your TikTok analytics data to Google Sheets, you can make in-depth reports analyzing your marketing performance.
  • Although TikTok has its own analytics, by using Google Sheets you can collaborate with team members, integrate data with other sources, and customize your reports.
  • This article will show you how to set up TikTok Ads reports in Google Sheets using the Supermetrics connector.
Tik Tok Conntect to Google Sheets

With over 1 billion active users, there’s a ton of TikTok engagement data out there to be analyzed. Sure, you could use the built-in analytics tools but if you want more control over your data, Google Sheets is the way to go. 

In this article you’ll learn how to connect TikTok ads to Google Sheets and start building reports.

What are the benefits of connecting TikTok Ads with Google Sheets?

Although it’s easier to stick with the built-in analytics, you’ll miss out on some powerful analytics tools. Here are some of the best reasons to link TikTok with Google Sheets:

  • Analysis: By having all your engagement data in a spreadsheet, you get access to charts and graphs to visualize your performance.
  • Tracking: You can use Google Sheets to track your TikTok performance over time. You’ll see trends in your video views, likes, and comments, which will help you make more engaging content.
  • Integration: By moving your analytics to Google Sheets, you get the option of integrating it with other data sources. For example, you could do a cross-channel comparison of your TikTok Ads and Facebook Ads all in one place.
  • Sharing. With Google Sheets’ in-built sharing tool, you can work together with teammates and stakeholders to make sure your TikTok content is working.
  • Customization: Google Sheets lets you customize the data, change the look of your reports, use custom formulas, and add charts and tables. 

Ways to connect TikTok Ads and Google Sheets

There are three ways to get your TikTok Ads data into Google Sheets:

  • Use the TikTok API: If you’ve got enough technical knowledge, you can access the TikTok API and build your own connector. Be warned though — this isn’t easy. And TikTok is famous for being strict with giving out API access.
  • Use a web scraping tool: If you know how to code, you can build your own web scraping bot. Or you can use a third-party one. But there may be limits to how much data you can scrape.
  • Use a third-party connector: By far the easiest method on the list is using a third-party connector and Google Sheets add-on. With easy-to-use tools like Supermetrics, you get automated, real-time data.

How make a TikTok Ads report with Google Sheets via Supermetrics: Step by step

Step one: Install the add-on

After creating — or signing in to — your Supermetrics account, you need to install the Google Sheets add-on. To do this, click ‘Extensions’ at the top of the spreadsheet. You’ll see an option for ‘Add-ons.’ Click that and then click ‘Get add-ons.’ Search for Supermetrics and install the extension. You’ll need to log into Google and give Supermetrics permission to access your Google Account before the installation can finish.

Step two: Create a new query

After launching the sidebar, it’ll appear on the right side of your screen. To get started, click ‘Create new query.’ Now you’ll see all of the different data sources Supermetrics connects to. For this demo, we’re using TikTok Ads. So search for TikTok Ads in the search bar and click the icon. Next, you’ll need to log into your TikTok account and give any required permissions so Supermetrics can access your data.

Step three: Transfer your data

To get the data into your spreadsheet, you need to configure the query. Luckily, Supermetrics has a super easy interface. All you need to do is select the timeframe, the metrics you’d like to analyze, and the dimensions you’d like to split it by. Click the blue ‘Get data to table’ button and the transfer will start.

To make the most out of Google Sheets you can add multiple data sources and queries. You can start visualizing and comparing your data to make sure your marketing efforts are on the right track. 

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is Google’s browser-only spreadsheet. You can use it for tasks such as data analysis, budget planning, and creating charts and graphs. Because it’s integrated with the rest of Google productivity software, it’s ideal for collaboration. It can be accessed through a web browser or the Google Sheets mobile app.

Why should I use Google Sheets for analyzing Tik Tok?

Google Sheets is perfect for analyzing Tik Tok marketing metrics. Here’s why:
– Google Sheets is a free service, whereas other marketing data analysis tools can be expensive.

– It integrates with other Google tools such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google My Business and more. So you can easily pull in data from these platforms and analyze it alongside other data.

– It’s customizable and flexible. You can create custom formulas and charts to meet your needs
– Multiple users can access and edit the same sheet at the same time. It is easy for teams to work together on data analysis tasks.

– Google Sheets is easy for people with little to no experience with data analysis tools to use

– It has many built-in options for data visualization, such as charts, graphs, and pivot tables, which can help you understand your key data like engagement metrics.

Are there any useful Google Sheets templates for marketers?

Yes! On the byMarketers marketplaces we have a full range of Google Sheets resources that can help you with your marketing. All of our templates are made by experienced digital marketers.

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