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Elevate Your Recruitment Process with our Cutting-Edge Recruitment Tracker


Are you a recruitment agency seeking a seamless, hassle-free way to manage your recruitment process with maximum productivity? Look no further! Introducing our ultimate Recruitment Tracker template, meticulously crafted by experienced recruiters just for you. This template is more than just a tool; it’s a game-changer, where productivity and comfort converge effortlessly.


Why Choose Our Recruitment Tracker?


✅ Effortless Productivity: Our template comprises 10 meticulously designed sheets, each serving a specific purpose, from role identification to invoicing. It’s your one-stop solution for efficient recruitment management.


✅ Real-Time Updates: Say goodbye to the chaos of juggling multiple spreadsheets. Our Tracker offers real-time updates on job openings and candidate progress, all neatly organized in one place.


✅ Simplified Process: Streamline your recruitment process, simplify candidate tracking, and achieve unparalleled efficiency with ease. With our template, managing the entire recruitment lifecycle has never been this straightforward.


Key Features and Sheets


🎯 Sourcing: The Master sheet serves as the central hub for candidate data. Easily collect and update candidate statuses, including whether profiles have been shared with the Talent Acquisition (TA) team. Validations ensure data accuracy.


📋 Submission: The Tracker sheet provides up-to-the-minute information on candidate statuses. When sharing candidate profiles with clients, seamlessly transfer all relevant details and update the status accordingly, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


📆 Assessments: Manage interview details and scheduling efficiently in the Assessments sheet. Successful candidates move on to the Selected sheet, simplifying the decision-making process.


✅ Selections: The Selected sheet houses your final select candidates and tracks their onboarding progress, ensuring a smooth transition into your client’s organization.


💼 Joinings: Manage invoicing details and follow-ups once candidates join the company. Collect essential data from candidates upon their successful onboarding.


📑 Roles Sheet: Maintain role-related data and track potential revenue associated with each role, providing valuable insights for strategic planning.


🌟 Candidate Journey Sheet: Track the entire recruitment journey, from initial sourcing to successful onboarding. Calculate time-to-hire for valuable process efficiency insights.


🔢 Calculators Sheet: Access a range of handy tools and calculators for candidate evaluation and compensation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in your decision-making.


Join the ranks of recruitment agencies worldwide who have already embraced the future of recruitment with our purpose-built template. Designed by experienced recruiters for recruiters, it’s time to take your recruitment process to the next level.


Don’t wait—seize this opportunity to transform your recruitment process. Experience unparalleled efficiency and productivity with our Recruitment Tracker. Get started today!


Product Summary

  • Ideal for Recruitment Companies/Consultancy/Agencies/Individual recruiters
  • Why use it: Handle all recruitment activities within Google Sheets at ease and no cost.
  • Data Connections: None just a Google account is enough
  • Setup difficulty: Easy


Please go through the video demo and attached quick intro file for instructions


for any further queries reach out to [email protected]


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