Our paid search forecasting excel template helps prepare a detailed forecasting plan for 12 months.

We’ve included the main channels such as Search Ads, Display, FB, Pinterest and Tiktok. For additional granularity, each channel is broken down into campaign types i.e Brand, Display, and Shopping as well as what stage of the funnel it’s targeting.

The template also includes a summary table of each channel spend and another table showing budget breakdown by funnel stages.

How to use this template:

  • You only need to fill in some stats under Row 24.
  • For each box (i.e Brand) you need to edit the Spend, CPC, CTR, Conversion Rate, AOV use stats based on your client’s data.
  • Rows that are automatically calculated include; Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Revenue and ROAS 
  • In the Spend By Channel Summary Table – Agency fees are 20% of media spend (this can be edited)



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Paid Search Forecasting & Budget Planning

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