The ‘Website Manager’ report is a 7 page report ideal for website managers to review top level website statistics.

The report contains 7 pages of detailed information about your website performance.  The data is mainly taken from Google Analytics and also can connect direct to Google Ads.

The report reviews general website performance, SEO, Google Ads, User Engagement and Goal performance.

Channel analysis has also been included to allow you to understand which channels are performing the best.

Connections: Google Analytics, Google Ads

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: Yes

Who is it for?: Designed for website managers and digital marketers


2 reviews for Website Manager Report

  1. Fabian G.

    I was searching Google for months to try and find templates for Data Studio. There is very little out there. This site is fantastic, I really hope to see more templates here and I will be using more of them. It saves so much time then making them from scratch myself. I look forward to watching the site grow and seeing more templates become available.

  2. Terry Sutherland

    As a website Manager, I saw this report and knew it would be a great fit. It gives me a great overview of how my site is performing. The design was also pretty good, so all up I’m happy with it.

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