The Official ClickUp-Based CRM for Agencies, by Furlough Φ Group LLC
Designed for small-to-medium size agencies & businesses utilizes ClickUp capabilities for a streamlined work process and tasks management, this is the tool we developed for our 8-figure agency and has been used to manage our clients and team’s work all centralized and streamlined in ClickUp.

Who is it for?

This template has been made for managers, sales people and operators of agencies and consultancies who want to streamline their sales process, pipeline of deals and project management all under one rooftop in an easy and powerful way. This is a premium quality template where structure and automations are much more advanced than in any other similar template, enabling the user to control the business, as well as build vast reporting in a dashboard for control and reporting to stakeholders. 

How do I apply & access it?

Accessing your new CRM with ClickUp is super easy.  After purchasing you will receive a link to a quick pdf documentation guide with clear instructions and videos to follow – form applying the template into your ClickUp space, through configuring it out, creating forms and assuring the automations are aligned with your custom way of work.

Check out – Video Part #1 – of this ClickUp CRM product review

Template Inclusions 

  1. COMPANIES – Companies list (one company per account)
    /*Using form submission*/

  2. CONTACTS – Contacts list (one/multiple contacts per company)
    /*Using form submission*/

  3. DEALS – Deals list (one/multiple deals per company)
    /*Using form submission*/

  4. Client Onboarding Questionnaires – KYC details
    /*Using form submission*/

  5. Payment Collection/Invoicing – Status list, reminders and automation for payment collection through clients 

  6. CRM Ops Tasks – General list of tasks to be completed which are related to the CRM and the operation around (this is for internal use only)

Basic Workflows

The template holds and enables the team to collaborate and onboard new accounts, automate process and document all that is happening with the account, including company details, associating contacts and deals. 

Hope you’ll enjoy it!



2 reviews for ClickUp CRM for Marketing Agencies

  1. Tom Marcus

    Managing clients is a breeze. Flexible and easy to customize.

  2. [email protected]

    Really helpful. Saved me a lot of time and stress as someone who runs an agency but doesn’t have a lot of traditional sales experience.

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ClickUp CRM for Marketing Agencies

2 reviews


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