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This cash flow forecast is designed for new and veteran Amazon sellers that are looking to project out the profits and cash flow of a new product launch. It is suited to private label sellers and will provide a full picture of the financials for a product launch over a 24 month period.

Here is a short video explaining how the template works

The template can help you understand key questions like:

  • How much cash will I need to invest every month?
  • When will I break even and have a positive cash balance?
  • When will I stop having to add in more cash for new stock?
  • If I increase the number of units over the busy period, will I need to inject more cash?
  • What will be my margin and ROI in year 2 vs year 1?
  • What’s the maximum amount of cash I need in the bank to ensure that I do not stock out?
  • and so many more questions.

Are you thinking of launching a new product on Amazon?  You’ve probably done some back of the envelope calculations and realised it’s going to cost quite a bit.  Stop guessing and realise the investment is likely going to be significant and the required cash investment will drag out over many month’s depending on how aggressive your launch will be.

With this planner you can map out exactly how much cash you will be required to invest in order to successfully launch your product over a 24 month period.   You can use it to plan how many units you should be selling based on the resources you have.

The number one rule when selling on Amazon is do not go out of stock.  This forecast allows you to stick to this rule!

I’m more then happy to help you adjust the forecast based on any new assumptions your specific product has.


Amazon 2 Yr Cash Flow Forecast - Single Product Launch

(Video Demo Link). A comprehensive cash flow forecast tailored for both new and experienced Amazon sellers, specifically crafted to project profits and cash flow for product launches over a 24-month period. Ideal for private label sellers, this template addresses key financial questions, ensuring smooth launches, avoiding stock-outs, and optimizing cash management.

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