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This is a Google Sheet template for planning out your Google Ads Responsive Search Ads.

Google Ads has made a change that from July 2022, the new ad format for all search ads will be responsive search ads.  Therefore any new ads created after this date will need to be in the RSA format.

This Google Sheet allows you to plan out your RSA’s and shows you how many characters you can use for each of your headlines and description lines.

The sheet has 3 tabs in it.  The first tab ‘Single Ad’ is a tab for a generic ads that you can use across the account, if you are just creating 1 ad.
The second tab ‘multiple campaigns’ is designed for accounts with multiple campaigns and many ads.  This allows you to use a row format to create many ads side by side for many campaign and keep track of them

The third tab ‘single campaign’ is used in the case when you have 1 campaign with multiple campaigns.


1 review for Google Ads Responsive Search Ads (RSA) Google Sheets Template

  1. Amina Campbell

    This is a super simple Google Sheets but it’s been really useful! I never need to worry about going over the character limit anymore. I write a lot of RSAs for clients with this template and it’s saving me lots of time cos I don’t need to go back through and edit titles or descriptions that are too long

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Google Ads Responsive Search Ads (RSA) Google Sheets Template

1 review


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