The ‘LinkedIn Reporting Dashboard for Google Data Studio’ shows your campaign performance at a glance.  It allows you to see the key metrics from your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.  This includes Impression, clicks & conversions.  It’s ideal for a high level report and a great way to present performance to managers.

The report uses a Google Sheets connector which first requires you to export your LinkedIn data to Google Sheets to work.  The upside is that there are no extra costs in using this report.  You don’t need to use any 3rd party tools like Supermetrics.

Check out our in depth guide on how to connect LinkedIn to Google Data Studio via Google Sheets here.

There are detailed instructions on how to do this included on page 2 of the report, you can see this by clicking the ‘view demo’ button.

  • Connections: Google Sheets (LinkedIn Data Export)
  • Set up Difficulty: Medium
  • Ideal for: Anyone using Linkedin Ads and looking for a great way to share performance with stakeholders



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LinkedIn Dashboard with Google Sheets Connector

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