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Hospitality Professionals Google Ads Placements List – 385 Hyper Focused Targets

Maximize your return on your Google Ads investment by hyper targeting your ideal audience!  These placements have been hand-picked and verified.  With this resource you are able to target your ads directly to this curated list and experience an instant increase in ads performance.  It is easy to setup and can be implemented in minutes.

The following is a list of websites, mobile apps (Android and iOS), YouTube channels and YouTube videos that specifically target hospitality professionals.

What you get:

After purchasing, you will receive access to a Google Sheet containing 385 sources:

  • Websites: 248
  • Apps: 54
  • YouTube Videos: 45
  • YouTube Channels: 38

The list has been created manually, hand-picked and every single source has been verified to ensure its target audience is the desired hospitality professionals (hotel focused).

It began as a way for us to target Google ads to the exact personas we wanted, and evolved into a more comprehensive list that can be used for any marketing or research need in this space.

Instructions for Setting Up the Google Ads Placements

  1. Create a Google Ads campaign (e.g., Display type)
  2. In the ad group settings section, find an option to edit ad group targeting
  3. In the targeting section, add a targeting signal of the type “Placement”
  4. Click on the pencil next to “Targeted placement”, and start adding the placements you want to target
  5. If you want to add all the below placements in bulk, simply copy all the cells, and paste them in the “Enter” tab within the “Targeted placements” screen, and click “Add placements” at the bottom of the box



Hospitality Professionals Google Ads Placements

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