This report lets you compare all the campaigns you are running to differentiate between the top and poor performers.

It starts with an overview of how all the campaigns are doing followed by a breakdown based on clicks, cost, and conversions. Then each campaign is studied from the lens of key metrics like clicks, CTR, cost/conversion, conversion rate, conversions, and impressions.

Getting these insights is as simple as connecting the dashboard to your Google Ads account, and the template generated the charts automatically.

Purchase this Google Data Studio template today and make informed Google Ads decisions in a matter of seconds using this beautiful one-page template.

This report is best for businesses that want a multidimensional breakdown of their Google Ads performance.

Connections: Google Ads

Set up Difficulty: Easy

E-commerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: Yes


3 reviews for Adwords Campaign Comparison

  1. Anonymous

    I thought there might be more then just one page to this.

  2. Anonymous

    this template is a bit simplistic, but it does give a good comparison at a glance

  3. Michael Bar

    I was happy to copy this template, it provided a good snapshot. I was able to easily edit it and expand on it for my own uses

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