If you use PowerBI and want to report on Facebook Advertising performance, this template is for you. The template is designed to work in the PowerBI interface. It includes all key metrics you need to report on your Facebook Advertising campaigns.
We’ve also included instructions for setup which requires you to export your Facebook data into a spreadsheet.
You can preview the dashboard via the live link. Upon purchase of the dashboard, you will receive a PBIX file that you can import into your PowerBI software. This will build the template for you. You will also receive a PDF guide showing you how to export the data from Facebook and import it into your PowerBI software
  • Setup: Medium
  • Who is it for?: Businesses running Facebook Ads and wanting to see the data in PowerBI


1 review for PowerBI Facebook Ads Dashboard

  1. Adelynn Ruiz

    We use PowerBI at my agency and this template allows us to connect Facebook Ads to the software. It was the first time we had to report on FAcebook Ads so this template came in handy. It worked well and the client was happy! Can’t ask for more than that.

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PowerBI Facebook Ads Dashboard

1 review


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