The 5 Best Data Studio templates for Search Marketers

Google data studio templates have proved to be an amazing addition for digital marketers. These templates allow you to create a professional level report that your clients will be happy with in no time at all. The best part is that these reports can be configured to be dynamic and update in real time to reflect current numbers. Moreover, they easily connect to Google services such as Analytics and AdWords and can be shared with clients as easily as a Google Drive file.

Here at Data Studio Templates, the five main data studio reports that we focus on are:

  • AdWords Templates
  • SEO Templates
  • Social Media Templates
  • Site Traffic Report Templates
  • Ecommerce Templates

This article will provide a comprehensive analysis of these 5 data studio templates, which we believe to be the best ones available for search marketers. We will discuss the benefits of using each of these templates and highlight how they can be used to grow your business and the businesses of your clients.

AdWords Templates

Google AdWords represents an ideal way to get your brand in front of customers with high buyer intent. Typically, these customers are searching for an answer to a problem that your business can help to solve. They are engaged buyers who are actively searching for products in your niche and typically will prove easy to convert. Our data studio AdWords report will give you deep insights into the performance of your campaigns, in turn allowing you to make tactical decisions in real-time that will improve your results.

View Adwords Data Studio Template

These reports will focus on the following factors:


Understanding the demographics of your target audience will save you significant money in the long term. Once you’ve established a demographic of people that regularly purchase your products, you can target the majority of your marketing spend towards this group. Having the data behind you will provide the extra confidence necessary to make these decisions that can increase your profitability.

Daily CTR and CPC Trends

Once you develop a strong understanding of your CTR and CPC, you’ll be able to take your digital marketing to the next level. This data studio report gives you an insight into your exact cost per customer, which is incredibly valuable information that allows you to optimise future campaigns.

Device Breakdown

This section of the report provides an in-depth analysis of what devices customers are using when exposed to your ad campaigns. If you find that your campaign is performing much better on one device than another, you can then utilise this information to accentuate your campaign strengths and minimise weaknesses.

Clicks and Impressions

Knowing how frequently your ads have been clicked is a crucial digital marketing metric. This allows you to adapt and tweak both your copy and strategy as you seek to improve your ads. The best part is that this will update in real time, allowing you to quickly tell if your adjustments have made a profitable difference.

SEO Templates

Effective SEO provides an excellent foundation for a successful digital marketing campaign. It comprises a diverse range of metrics in an attempt to increase your web traffic through organic search results. Our excellent data studio SEO reports will provide you with a plethora of valuable information that can help you identify which keywords you’re ranking for, the top pages on your site and trends surrounding your clicks and impressions. When used effectively, this comprehensive SEO dashboard will provide valuable insights into your site performance that will save both time and money.

View SEO Data Studio Template

Our SEO Data Studio reports analyse the following key areas:

Trend Analysis

Being able to understand the performance of your website over time will prove beneficial as it pertains to optimising your SEO. The trends in this template give you a deep and unique insight into the behaviour of your target customers. They paint a data-driven picture that measures exactly how effective the changes you’ve implemented have been over a prolonged period of time. This information can subsequently be used to make adjustments accordingly and identify which trends could be effective to hop on in the near future.

Landing Page Sessions

An effective landing page can dramatically improve both the engagement of your audience as well as overall conversions. Our dashboard will provide a real-time picture of your landing page performance. This allows you to effectively analyse what is going well currently before optimising the process through split testing and tactical improvements.

Search Query Reports

Our SEO reporting templates also seamlessly integrate with Google Search Console. This in turn makes it very easy to get an insight as to how frequently your site is appearing in Google search results. From this you’ll also gain valuable information, such as the keywords customers are searching for to get on to your website and where most of your visitors are coming from.


The demographic insights of these free data visualisation tools provide a great insight into what your audience looks like. With just the click of a button, you can find out who is coming to your website, where they are coming from and what device they are using. This allows you to in turn optimise your site and content towards these individuals, thereby improving their engagement and likelihood of purchasing.

Social Media Templates

Understanding the analytics behind the engagement of your social media posts is an extremely effective way to increase your chances of success. These useful and actionable Data Studio analytics give you the ability to make informed and data-driven decisions that result in increased profitability. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have incredibly large in-built followings. As such, mastering the information contained within these social media templates will likely prove to be an excellent cost-effective way to increase your organic website traffic.

View Social Media Data Studio Template

Our comprehensive Google data studio templates provide key insights into the following areas:

Geo Reporting

This gives you a proper understanding of where the majority of your audience is coming from. You gain an insight into which campaigns are performing well in certain regions and which campaigns could be improved upon. This is extremely valuable data that will help with both targeting new markets and improving your engagement in specific regions.

Likes, Subscriptions and Comments

Our Google Data Studio social media templates provide a strong visual insight into your social media metrics. Likes, subscriptions and comments are excellent indicators as to how engaged your audience is. The information contained within our templates will help you drive engagement and build profitable relationships with your followers.

Current Trends

If you can effectively understand current trends and look out for what may be trending in the future, you’ll enjoy a significant advantage over your competitors. These will create excellent opportunities to publish your own unique content to capitalise on these trends. If done effectively, this content can even go viral and drive through considerable organic traffic.

Goals and Events

Another notable feature of our social media templates is that they are dynamic and will update in real time. They seamlessly integrate with Google Analytics and give you a comprehensive snapshot of the exact traffic coming from each of your social media platforms. This also allows you to analyse which content is driving the most engagement so that you can optimise for future performance.

Site Traffic Report Templates

Gaining a deeper insight into your website traffic is an excellent way to optimise your content. You gain a much clearer picture of exactly the type of content that your audience is engaging the most with. Whilst the numbers are important, actually understanding your customer’s on-site behaviour is next-level stuff that gives you a significant competitive advantage.

View General Site Traffic ReView Social Media Data Studio Templateport

Our excellent site traffic Data Studio reports give you comprehensive insights surrounding the following features:


If you want to increase your organic traffic, developing an effective SEO strategy represents the best way to do so. However, you need to see how the changes you implement are impacting on visitor behaviour for this to be truly worthwhile. Fortunately, our site traffic templates provide comprehensive insights about your current site performance and how the on-site SEO can be improved.

Dynamic Data

Our versatile site traffic report templates allow you to view both real-time and historical data. Historical data gives you a strong insight as to how your traffic has evolved over time, whilst the real-time information allows you to see the exact effect that your changes are having on traffic. This gives you all of the information necessary to make smart data-driven decisions that can increase your bottom line.

Google AdWords and Analytics

Google AdWords and Analytics are extremely valuable tools that give you a strong insight as to how your business is performing from a data perspective. Our site traffic templates integrate seamlessly with both platforms and will update in real-time. This allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current campaigns and optimise for future performance.


A functional and professional eCommerce design is the primary way to increase conversions on your site. You need to create an offer that can benefit a specific group of people and then effectively communicate that value to bring traffic to your site. However, it can prove more difficult to analyse the traffic for eCommerce site than just a regular niche or authority site. Our Data Studio templates provide comprehensive visualisations that help analyse customer behaviour and engagement.

View ecommerce report

These excellent eCommerce reports specialise in the following areas:

Conversion Metrics

Our eCommerce Data Studio reports provide a strong insight into how your site is performing according to key metrics such as CPC, CTR and your overall conversion rate. This data updates in real time and allows you to modify your product and copy in an attempt to increase conversions. Utilising this information effectively will both lower your customer acquisition cost and increase the value of each customer

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a huge help for eCommerce store owners, integrating seamlessly with our eCommerce Data Studio templates. It provides valuable insights such as the behaviour of new and existing customers, which traffic source generates the most revenue and which of your products are most popular. This is extremely actionable information that can be used to double down on your strong points to significantly increase revenue.

Checkout Funnel

Optimising your checkout funnel is a great way to increase overall revenue. Our eCommerce templates provide exact data showcasing where your visitors are dropping off at each stage. A lot of people adding to cart but not many making purchases? This dashboard will allow you to identify problem points like this and then optimise accordingly.


Hopefully you’ve obtained significant value on this comprehensive guide about the five best Google Data Studio templates for search marketers. These excellent templates on AdWords, site traffic, SEO, social media and eCommerce all provide actionable information that can take your business to the next level. You will gain a much deeper insight into the existing strengths and weaknesses of your business, allowing you to optimise your strategies going forward. More than just the numbers, you receive strong insights into how customer behaviour on your site. When implemented effectively, this information gives you a significant advantage over competitors in your industry.

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