How to Build a Custom Data Studio Dashboard

If you haven’t experienced the peace of mind that comes from a custom-built dashboard that was designed just for you, then please keep reading.

Why Choose Google Data Studio Over Competing Dashboard Builders?

Google Data Studio has decided that they are tired of Tableau and Microsoft BI stealing their thunder. If you are familiar with Google, you’ll know that they’ll probably win the data dashboard wars. They’re adding great functionality every day, and they even have a Google Data Studio community on GitHub that is creating some awesome visualizations. 

Data Studio Templates are Designed to Simplify the Process

We encourage you to try it out for yourself if you have experience dealing with data and you have a designer who doesn’t mind a design interface that is still a bit finicky. If you are integrating with Google Analytics or Google Search Console, it’s pretty easy to use.

Google Data Studio has a large collection of Community Connectors, but don’t get too excited. Most of those data connectors are called ETL’s and they all have fairly expensive monthly subscriptions. 

Avoid Expensive ETL’s Using Google Sheets Formulas and Addons

If you do not want to pay the monthly or annual subscription cost for ETL software, but you still want to build a dashboard with a particular data source that does not appear in the list of Community Connectors. We recommend using our favorite data source, Google Sheets. 

Google Sheets is an awesome data source if you are familiar with it. Using add-ons like Adveronix or API Connector, you can schedule data to pull directly into the sheet. Some of our templates include documentation on how you can work a little hard to obtain your data for free… or at least cheap.

Data Studio Templates Now Offers a Custom Dashboard Creation Service

Data Studio Templates is now offering the opportunity to work directly with our dashboard architects. Discuss your project directly with a dashboard architect from our team. Unlike our premium templates, our custom dashboard service allows our dashboard architect and designer  to provide additional functionality like custom calculated fields. Data Studio Templates recently started offering this service on a limited basis, and we’ve received positive feedback. 

If you are interested, you can send us a message with the dashboard you have in mind. Please include the data sources, metrics, or simply the goal of the dashboard. If we cannot assist, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. 

Data Studio Templates will continue to build templates that incorporate the latest Google Data Studio features with designs that were custom-built to impress. 

Still, certain features like custom metrics, custom parameters, blended data, and data blending are not something that we can offer in our templates. We’ve been receiving more request for custom dashboards and template modifications. Since the feedback has been positive, we’ve decided to extend this service to anyone interested in a custom-built dashboard or template. 

Whether you are a digital marketing agency looking to replace monthly reporting with a live dashboard that automates insights with conditional formatting, or you are looking to pull data from a more obscure set of data connectors. We enjoy a challenge. 

We’ll be offering this service for a limited time. So send us a message and describe the custom-built dashboard that you have in mind. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  

Data Studio Support, Maintenance & Repairs

Stuck? We also offer a debugging service that will help you get unstuck. Google Data Studio can be frustrating. We know that more than anyone. Fill out the form on our Custom Data Studio Reports page and describe your issue to us. 

Picture this: It’s the first of the month. You open up your browser, and click a link on your bookmark bar. A dashboard with your company’s logo pops up, and you are able to see all of your key metrics in one place. Google Data Studio reports can bring the peace of mind and clarity that will save your time and help you make data-driven decisions. 

If reports are lacking something, ask about our Custom-Built Data Studio Reports or purchase a template from our store and customize it yourself!

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