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Analyzing Lead Ads campaigns performance may be challenging when only using the tools provided by Facebook. This report tries to make up for what Facebook doesn’t provide in terms of analytical tools. The most important metric: cost per lead is the main feature here and can be analyzed from the timeline, geographical, demographical or campaign angle.

Unlike other Data Studio Reports, this one does not require any paid connector (such as Supermetrics) and can be set up with the use of Adveronix Google Sheets Add-on which pulls campaign data from Facebook into the sheet.

You will find the following metrics in this report:

    • Reach
    • Impressions
    • Cost per 1000 people reached
    • Frequency
    • Clicks
    • CPC
    • Amount Spent
    • On-Facebook Leads
    • Cost per lead
    • Cost per region
    • Region share of results
    • Average Lead Cost per Age/Gender
    • Leads generated per Age/Gender
    • Lead cost per campaign/adset/ad

On top of that you will find two timeline charts, which present how your metrics changed within the given time period.

*Installation and set up instructions included.


1 review for VS Metrics Facebook Lead Ads Dashboard (Free Adveronix connector)

  1. Jayla Newman

    Figuring out how well Facebook lead ads campaigns are going has been super easy with this dashboard. It gives us the most important info (cost per lead) in an easy to understand way. We can see which campaigns have the biggest ROI. It’s giving us tons of useful insights. Couldn’t do my job without this resource.

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VS Metrics Facebook Lead Ads Dashboard (Free Adveronix connector)

1 review


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