In this report, you will find answers to the most pressing questions about the ecommerce performance of your website.

You can easily connect this report with your GA4 property. After that, no additional setup is needed, you’re ready to go!

You can analyze the data by specific date range on all report pages. The report is highly interactive – for example, you can narrow your data by using the data filters, or where available, you can filter by clicking on the items in the table or pie chart and the report will show you only what you want to see. (Secret tip: Hold CTRL while selecting the items in an interactive table)

What will you find in this report?

  • How is my ecommerce performing in general?

  • Which products are bringing the most revenue?

  • Which products are sold the most?

  • Which product categories are most profitable?

  • Which channels are generating the best revenue? 

  • Which source/medium combinations are bringing the most purchasers?

  • Who are my purchasers? (Country, age, gender, language – only if you collect this data in Google Analytics.)

  • What technical preferences do my purchasers have?

  • How are my purchase coupons used? Which products are mostly sold with coupons?


  • Connections: Google Analytics 4
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Who is it for?: For everyone collecting data in GA4 and interested in analyzing their ecommerce performance
  • Created by: DASE Analytics


2 reviews for Comprehensive Ecommerce GA4 Dashboard

  1. Samuel Jacobs

    This a great template!

  2. Laurence

    Super professional, love the way it looks.

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Comprehensive Ecommerce GA4 Dashboard

Effortlessly analyze your ecommerce performance with our highly interactive Google Analytics 4-connected report, providing insights into revenue, product sales, customer demographics, and more.

2 reviews


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