Understanding a website's performance involves monitoring various data points such as traffic, bounce rates, CTR, conversion paths and so many other metrics.  Google Analytics and other softwares are a great starting point.  Templates allow you to take data visualization and analysis to a new level.  Templates build on top of existing software allowing customization of data and prebuilt analysis to make the data more approachable and easier to use.   Whether you are a marketing analyst or website owner, we feature a range of different templates here to suit a range of different data analysis needs.    

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Analytics FAQ

Analytics are useful for all stakeholders in a business or organization. They can show employees and teams how their website is performing, and how to improve things, and can be used to help clients optimize their online presence to reach their business and/or marketing goals.

There are many analytics platforms to choose from, and the best will depend on what you want to track. For instance, website traffic is usually monitored through Google analytics, while other areas such as social media use Hubspot, and Screaming Frog for SEO.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering the sheer amount of data that analytics platforms can show. However, with our range of analytics platforms, including our powerful All in One Analytics dashboard which combines three different Google data sources into one report, you can simplify reporting for both you and your clients.

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