This is a 67-page Looker Studio GA4 eCommerce monthly report template that allows you to automate GA4 monthly reporting. This report is extremely comprehensive and allows you to meet a variety of reporting needs.

You can have an unlimited amount of client accounts as well.  Historical data is available for the entire period. Accurate data without sampling.

To setup, simply copy and paste to complete the report.  We have also included an instructions document which you received on checkout along with the Looker Studio File.


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console



  • Reasonable pricing
  • Buy Once, Use Forever: One-time purchase, forever savings plan
  • Unlimited number of sites: Unlimited number of sites for reporting, even sites tied to multiple Google accounts
  • Commercial use available: report fees can be charged to the customer to whom the report is submitted
  • Freely Customizable: Freely customizable to user needs
  • Always up-to-date with the latest specifications: Templates are updated as needed to meet changes in GA4 specifications.
  • Highly specialized and full support system
  • GA expert supervision: GA experts participate as advisors to manage the service.
  • Quick and easy report generation: reports are simply copied and ready in minutes


GA4 EC Monthly Report Looker Studio 67 Pages

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