The ‘Editorial Dashboard’ has been designed for people that run content heavy websites, blogs or news sites.  It’s ideal for anywebsite that has a lot of content and uses content for marketing.  It allows the website manager to understand who is reading the content and what they are interested in as well as what content is performing well and with who.

The dashboard contains the key items that an editor or content marketer would be interested in seeing in order to increase website traffic.  This includes a performance overview, info. on reader demographics such as age, location and gender.  It then goes deeper into showing where visitors came from, what landing page they came through, what their interests are and what keywords they use to search.

The other great thing about the dashboard is the ability to segment the data with the filters at the top of the page.  It’s simple to select a time range, age range and gender and then all info. in the dashboard is filtered accordingly.  This allows you to hone in on what a certain demographic is paying attention to across your site and really understand more about your readership.

There is minor setup required on this dashboard.  We recommend setting up a filter to just view the blog pages on the website, this will only include content relevant data.  Detailed instructions for setting this up can be found on page 2 of the dashboard.

  • Connections: Google Analytics Connection Only
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy (instructions included on page 2)
  • Ecommerce Tracking: No
  • Goal Tracking: No
  • Who is it for?: Anyone running a blog, editorial site or content heavy site.


1 review for Editorial (Blog Performance) Dashboard

  1. Anna Selassie

    I run a pretty popular blog and am really getting into the analytic side of things. I tried to learn it all manually but didn’t get far. This dashboard is just what I need and automates things well. For the price I can’t complain, I don’t really need all the graphs, but they are nice to have I guess.

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