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Hey Trainer!

Working late and don’t have a single minute for family and friends? Although I don’t have a magic wand, I have a really handy tool that will help you save your precious time every day!

Having built lots of tools for fitness facilities, I know how to create a really user-friendly and easy-to-use spreadsheet for each personal trainer.

If you are sick and tired of creating dozens of Meal Plans every day and you don’t mind planning meals MUCH FASTER, read on.

Meal Planner designed for Fitness Trainers. Preview: http://bit.ly/35F9x5K

  • BMI & Nutrition Targets calculator
  • Food database (>1,800 items)
  • Add foods and recipes
  • 7-day meal plan
  • Automated shopping list
  • Use for an unlimited number of clients

    Benefits of having a Meal Planner under your hand:
  • This is a well-structured and user-friendly spreadsheet developed to help you be efficient enough to create meal plans with minimal time. 
  • Print your meal plans in a few clicks.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the Meal Planner.
  • Can be changed and updated online in real-time by multiple people at the same time. 
  • Can be used from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Lifetime support for Meal Planner and any custom upgrades.
  • Cheap and attractive price.

A quick overview of the spreadsheet’s structure:

– Guide tab. You will find a detailed description of the Meal Planner here. It has hyperlinks for easy navigation and video tutorials.

– Profile tab. Dashboard that will help you define your BMI, healthy weight and nutrition targets based on two formulas (either “Katch, McArdle” or “Mifflin, St Jeor”). You can also add your food preferences here for more enhanced meal planning. Fat/Carbs/Protein ratio per day is calculated automatically and shown on the pie chart.

– Food Base (Large) tab. This is the database tab with a large amount of different foods (more than 1800 entries). The food database is taken from the official U.S. Agriculture Department website (https://fdc.nal.usda.gov)

– Food Base (Small) tab. This is the smaller food database with the most relevant and popular foods.

– Add Food tab. You can add your own foods with their macronutrients here.

– Recipes tab. The recipes tab allows you to create an unlimited number of recipes. Recipes created will automatically calculate the serving size and nutritious values for each ingredient and will appear on the Meal Plan tab automatically.

– Meal Plan tab. You can create your 7-days meal plans here. The number of meals is adjustable and unlimited (breakfast, snack, lunch, etc.). Nutrition values are calculated automatically. There is also a handy summary at the top of the spreadsheet that will show the total protein, carbs, fat, and calories per day.

– Shopping list. This is an automated weekly and daily list of foods you need to buy to cook each meal.It is also optimized for a mobile view.

The Meal Planner can be perfectly adjusted for you (from changing your branding colors to translating the spreadsheet into a different language). You can also purchase a license to sell the template on your own. Don’t hesitate to contact me and we will describe everything in detail. 

“OMG!!!! This Meal Planner does everything I couldn’t get from ANY app. Now I make meal plans 4X faster – TOP PRODUCT!!” – Jeff, a certified personal trainer.

BONUS: The Meal Planner already has 10 universal recipes and 5 weekly meal plans. Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends or family. Maybe they can come in handy 🙂

About the author. I’m Serhii Kovchenko, an Excel and Google Sheets expert who created/designed/automated training and nutrition spreadsheets for dozens of personal trainers and fitness facilities.



What is the main purpose of the Meal Planner? What exactly I will get?

The main purpose of the Meal Planner is to help people plan their nutrition. Of course, the Meal Planner is great either for trainers or for personal use as well 🙂 

You will get a link to your own Meal Planner Google Sheet. Then, you can copy it as many times as you need.

Do you provide instructions for the Meal Planner?

Yes! There are clear animated instructions on the first page. Preview: http://bit.ly/35F9x5K

Can I use the Meal Planner for my clients?

Yes, absolutely. You can create a separate copy for each client. How to make a copy of a Google Sheet: https://i.imgur.com/F1sFl4F.gifv. How to share a Google Sheet: https://i.imgur.com/3YuO3uh.gifv. 

Do my clients need a Google account to use the Meal Planner?

No, they don’t need a Google account. They will be able to view/edit it even without a Google account.

How do I open the Meal Planner on my phone?

Install the Google Sheets app, log into your Google Account, and open the Meal Planner there. But keep in mind that it looks best on a desktop or a tablet.

Does the Meal Planner have both Metric & Imperial units?

Yes, you can switch between Metric & Imperial units.

Is the Meal Planner printable?

Yes, you can print any part of the Meal Planner: https://i.imgur.com/UBSK7mx.gifv

Can we translate the spreadsheet into a different language?

Yes, just message me and we will find the best way to translate the Meal Planner into your language.

Can I use the Meal Planner in Excel?

No, the Meal Planner is developed in Google Sheets and will only work correctly there.

Can I get a license so I can sell the Meal Planner myself?

Yes, you can buy a license to become the full owner of the template and have all rights to sell it by yourself. In this case, I can consider the Meal Planner as an exclusive project and sell it here based on my hourly rate. Please message me if you would like to discuss this.

Сan you apply my logo and branding colors to the Meal Planner?

Sure, I will be happy to apply your logo and branding colors to the spreadsheet. Adding your logo will cost 30 usd and applying your branding will cost 35 usd.

Are you able to adjust the Meal Planner according to my needs?

Yes, please contact me and we will discuss the adjustments you require.


1 review for Meal Planner template for personal trainers and nutritionists

  1. Mia

    I wanted to give my clients a detailed meal plan without them needing to download an app. I work with a lot of older people (and most of them aren’t comfortable with phones etc) trying to get back in shape. This template means I can add foods, recipes, plan their meals, and then print it out for them, They love it. Can’ recommend it enough especially if you have clients who aren’t tech savvy.

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Meal Planner template for personal trainers and nutritionists

Save time and simplify meal planning with our Meal Planner designed for Fitness Trainers. Featuring a user-friendly interface and a vast food database, it offers BMI calculation, customizable meal plans, automated shopping lists, and more. Perfect for trainers seeking efficiency in creating personalized nutrition plans for clients.

1 review

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