Last Updated: June 2022

Save time doing keyword research by using this pre-made list of 1,475 personal loan and credit score keywords all meticulously categorised into themes and topics. Your clients will be impressed with the wide selection of terms and insights you can provide to build a solid SEO strategy for the loan or personal loan website.

This keyword research consists of 1,475 keywords all to do with personal loans (including car loans, holiday loans and more) as well as credit scores and credit checks. All keywords are categorised and through using the keyword planner tool a seasonality visualization has also been included in the template. more than 15 hours were spent creating this keyword research.

Set up is quick and easy:

  1. Go to the KW data tab and copy all keywords into the keyword planner tool, don’t forget to select your relevant region.
  2. Export historical data to a csv and match up the columns to those in the KW Data tab.
  3. Paste in the new data, the vlookup will match up the themes and categories using the “Keywords and categories” tab.
  4. Once you’ve updated the search volume data or added in new keywords and categories, you’ll have to refresh pivot tables across the spreadsheet. You’ll also need to update the table headers in the KW Data tab for seasonality to be in line with the current months in the export. Here is a video showing you how to do this and fix any issues with seasonality as a result:
  1. Add in your own commentary and delete this tab.


2 reviews for Personal Loans Keyword Research

  1. Cian Milne

    This is not cheap but in my opinion has been worth it. Keyword research from scratch takes time and this does a lot of the upfront work for you. If you can afford it, this will make your life easier. Good spectrum of keywords and you can tell they put effort into making this deep. Nice and clean presentation too which makes it good for sharing with clients.

  2. Jordan Holmes

    I recently worked with a client in the personal loan industry for the first time. They wanted help with their on site SEO but, to be honest, I didn’t know much about the industry. This resource was a lifesaver! It really helped me nail the keyword research. And my client was really happy with the results.

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Personal Loans Keyword Research

Premium keyword research from an SEO expert for the Personal Loans industry.

2 reviews

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