Data Studio Templates introduces the next generation of Google Data Studio reporting templates. Our new Screaming Frog SEO Spider reporting template is highly customizable. Elevating your technical SEO audits,  this dashboard is designed to help everyone from beginner to advanced skill levels. Subscribe to our newsletter for game-changing tips and tricks from the creators. Screaming Frog crawler is arguably the best technical SEO analyzer tool. Now, you can visualize SEO insights with a cutting-edge new dashboard.

Elevate your SEO reporting and actionable insights detection with this customizable dashboard using Google Sheets & Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

To get started, follow the step by step documentation found on Page 2 of the template. Import your Screaming Frog CSV file to any Google Sheet. Cloud-based spreadsheets make for perfect data sources allowing you to add custom calculations and additional data points before importing to Data Studio. Once in Google Sheets, simply connect the data source to the report, and you should be up and running.

Begin your crawl analysis right away, add your logo, conditional formatting, blend crawl with Google Analytics, or customize report elements. Once you are content, you can use your interactive Screaming Frog reporting dashboard in reports or meetings.

Whether you want to improve your Data Studio design, add to your SEO Audit, or present opportunities to prospects, Screaming Frog crawl analysis can power your data. Be one of the first to experience the new standard in Screaming Frog Reporting powered by Data Studio Templates™.

Data Studio Templates aims to offer our customers the best templates at prices you can afford. Subscribe to our blog advanced techniques to utilize your new Screaming Frog Data Studio

Connections: Google Sheets (Screaming Frog Export)

Set up Difficulty: Medium



5 reviews for Screaming Frog Report Dashboard

  1. Mike Belasco

    An excellent template that can quickly help SEOs identify opportunities and insights from their Screaming Frog crawls. We are using this template to help add the “UI” that Screamfrog lacks vs an expensive competitor we are replacing.

  2. Jay Johnston

    Set-Up: Easy
    Data Connectors: Screaming Frog/Google Sheets

    At Running Robots, we believe the Screaming Frog SEO template is the best available for visualizing technical SEO data that will drive action and updates to positively impact our customers’ bottom lines.

    The report is laid out in easy-to-read sections, which gives us access to data that can be transformed into action items. Since several aspects of site health were reviewed in the production of this template, it is simple to find action items in the layout.

    At Running Robots, we use this template to show the status of our customer’s site health, as well as receiving action items to work on.

    Setting up the template is easy and straightforward, you can have a fully completed report in minutes.

  3. Jeffrey

    Just wanted to thank Chris for answering questions presale. The template was straightforward to set up and beautifully captures data from Screaming Frog. It’s useful for technical clients and also internal use where a glance at the dashboard can save time instead of clicking-through each section.

  4. Juan Carlos Pell Almirall

    “An excellent template that can be used to show customers in a simple and highly visual way, the crawling errors found on their site. My customers are very happy with this report”

  5. Jeremy Bell

    We use Screaming Frog to improve SEO for our clients but the data we get from there isn’t so clear. This template helps us visualize that data. Without it, our job would be much harder. Clients like it when we share this report with them too!

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Screaming Frog Report Dashboard

Revolutionize your SEO audits with our customizable Screaming Frog SEO Spider reporting template, seamlessly integrating Google Sheets & Data Studio for actionable insights and enhanced optimization.

5 reviews

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