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Browse 100's of premium Looker studio templates and dashboards built by professional data analysts, marketing specialist and designers. Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) allows you to visualise nearly any digital data source with a wide range of first and third-party data connectors. Looker Studio templates can be created and sold to others by using the copy dashboard functionality available with Google Looker Studio.

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Looker Studio Templates FAQ

Google Looker Studio, often referred to as just Looker Studio is a free data visualization tool provided by Google that has the ability to transform your data into beautiful dashboards and reports that can be fully customized and shared with others.

Learn more about getting started with Looker Studio and its capability with our ultimate in depth guide to Data Studio here.

A template in Google Looker Studio refers to a prebuilt dashboard design with existing graphs and tables that are intended for a specific data source. Looker Studio templates can be bought and sold thanks to the "Make a copy" functionality that allows you to copy an existing data studio template into your own Google Account.

There is no difference between a dashboard or a template when referring to Google Looker Studio. Generally, a dashboard refers to any type of panel that conveys information to the user, which would include anything built with Google Looker Studio.

To access Google Looker Studio, you simply need a Google account and to browse to this <a href="https://lookerstudio.google.com/"Google Data Studio landing page. Click the "Use it for free" button and follow the prompts to get started.