This template allows you to easily review your Google Ads Auction Insights graphically over time.   Auction Insights is a report within Google Ads that allows you to review how you and your competitors are interacting within the Google Ads auctions.  It shows how often you are bidding on similar keywords to your competitors and how often they appear above or below your listings.

Within Google Ads this data is presented simply in a table.  This Auction insights report allows you to take that data and represent it graphically, making it far more useful to understand the reports and see changes over time.  This gives you insight into your performance compared to competitors over time.  You can answer questions like:

  • Which keywords do I generally appear higher than my competitors for
  • Which competitors are bidding on my brand keyword
  • Which competitors have recently started bidding on my brand terms
  • Who are my strongest competitors for a particular keyword
  • And so much more.

The best part is that this Looker Studio Template is extremely easy to setup, simply copy it and add link it to Google Ads and you are off to the races.  There is no requirement to export data from your Google Ads account, it seamlessly connects through to your account and generates reports immediately.

The report consists of 2 pages.  On the first page you can view your graphs, on page 2 the same data is presented in a table format.

There are 3 data sets on each page allowing you to get insight into your position against competitors on Google ads


2 reviews for Graphical Auction Insights for Google Ads

  1. Jess

    super useful template for Google Ads users. we’re in a competitive market and are always keeping an eye on competitors. We used to do thjis inside Google Ads. This template provides more details and customization then we could previously get there. We can now see when competitors are changing strategy almost in real time. Would buy again from bymarkters based on the quality oif this.

  2. Zee S

    yes has been useful, will give 5 stars.

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Graphical Auction Insights for Google Ads

Effortlessly visualize your Google Ads Auction Insights with our Looker Studio Template, providing graphical representations of competitor interactions over time, answering crucial questions and offering easy setup for immediate insights.

2 reviews


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