Please note that the sheet can still work, but you will need the GA4 Reports Builder extension.  This works in a very similar way as the UA report builder and is also still free.  It currently needs some editing and does not work out of the box.  
The Google Ads budgeting template, is a Google Sheet that allows you to track your advertising spend in Google Ads across multiple accounts. It is also calculates remaining time in the month and provides output as to how much your daily spend should be adjusted to in order to hit your budgets.
Essentially the template allows you to import spend from Ad accounts and calculate remaining required spends.
The template utilises Google Analytics connection to import Google Ads spend. This allows you to work around a costly 3rd party connector like Google Analytics, but it does require you to have your Google Analytics and Ads connected.
You can also manually add your current advertising spend into the template fields and not use the import from GA functionality, this will allow you to use the template just for its calculations which is also very useful.
The template is currently setup to work with up to 3 accounts but can be easily configured to work with many more, therefore if you manage multiple Google Ads and other advertising platforms this template is great for tracking spends and ensuring you remain on track
  • Who is it for?: Anyone that runs multiple Google Ads account or ad accounts and wants to see budgets tracked
  • Connections: Google Analytics
  • Setup Difficulty: Medium
  • Creator: Data Studio Templates



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Google Ads shared budgeting template

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