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Authoritas has been developing a professional SEO software platform since 2009.

Authoritas offers a comprehensive Google Data Studio template for SEOs that gives you all the essential SEO data you need in one customisable GDS template, including:

  • Search of SEO Visibility
  • Keyword Rankings by tag group
  • Google Search Console
  • Technical SEO and content issues from a website crawl
  • Backlinks profile vs your competitors

Uniquely, the Authoritas SEO platform sends and synchronises data to Google Data Studio via a connection to your free Google Big Query account. This gives you access to granular data over time and means your dashaboards will load more quickly!

The Authoritas Data Studio template is free but requires an active subscription to the Authoritas SEO platform which starts at £99 per month.  https://www.authoritas.com/pricing-usd/

You can try the Authoritas platform for free and request access to the Google Data Studio and Big Query integration for a free 30 day trial.

With the Authoritas SEO Data Studio Template and an Authoritas platform subscription you get all you need in one simple package to:

  • Assess the size of your market
  • Benchmark your market share against your competitors
  • Diagnose technical and content issues with your site
  • Undertake keyword research and content gap analysis
  • Undertand consumer intent
  • Discover where your content matches and doesn’t match what Google wants
  • Compare your page content against the top competing pages for your keywords
  • Analyse your backlink profile and piggyback off your competitors backlinks

Authoritas also offers more advanced SEO dashboards for 3 major scenarios (custom pricing applies):

  • Major eCommerce stores worldwide – integrate site search data to find commercial suggestions for the automatic creation of SEO friendly landing pages
  • Hyperlocal keyword rankings – we can geolocate to storefront level worldwide (using latitude and longitude) at a level of accuracy beyond other SEO tools which can only go down to zipcode or postcode level
  • Multinational Dashboards – if you run multiple international websites then we can build SEO visibility and SEO ranking dashboards that you can filter across countries and categories



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Authoritas SEO Google Data Studio Dashboard (*Requires SEO Platform Subscription)

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