A Data Studio template that uses Google Analytics data to report on Ecommerce and general traffic to your website.

Connections: Google Analytics

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: Yes


4 reviews for Ecommerce Performance Report

  1. Anonymous

    As an ecommerce manager we use a lot of dashboards. We decided to try Google Data Studio since it is free and is a high quality reporting tool. It took me a lot of time to create my own dashboards and they didn’t come out as I wanted them. This template was very helpful for us and was a really start for us to jumpstart building our own dashboard. The template is quite generic but we could easily customise it to our own metrics and needs

  2. Anonymous

    Gives a good enough overview of key ecommerce metrics

  3. Anonymous

    The design itself is simplistic, I think it could be better presented

  4. Brandon Potter

    I’m not a technical person but run my own online shop. I’m still learning about how to use data and so on and found this template on Google. I found this template quite useful, a little difficult to understand at first but once you get your head around it, I think provides a good overview of how things are going.

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