This Google Ads script runs inside your Google Ads account and creates an audit of the account, giving you some ideas on how to improve your account.

Google Ads scripts are scripts of code that can be added to the Google Ads script section of the account.  They can be executed in the account to print out information and/or update parts of your account.

Note that this script does not actually change anything in the account, it just runs and creates a report within a Google Sheet in your Google Drive.

I have adapted this script from the original script by Russ Savage on

Here is a video detailing how to add the script and showing you where the report can be found.

You can also set the script to run regularly, and make sure your account is always healthy

The script checks in  your Google Ads account for:

  • Campaigns with incorrect location targeting
    • We set the location targeting within the script and then the script looks at whether the campaigns are matching that target location
  • Campaigns set to ‘Display & Search’
    • This setting is not recommended, we check if any of the campaigns use it
  • Campaigns without bid modifiers for devices
    • If no bid modifiers, we can recommend using them
  • AdGroups with too many keywords (more then 25)
    • 25 can be adjusted, this is a general rule
  • Adgrooups with too many or few ads (more or less then 3)
    • 3 is a general rule, which can be adjusted, its recommended to run 3 ads.
  • Count of match types.
  • Campaigns with no conversions.
    • If there are a large number of campaigns with no conversions, it’s likely conversion tracking is not working properly
  • Campaigns without extensions
  • Campaigns without time scheduling setup
  • Campaigns without Audience bid modifiers
  • Spend inside & outside target location
    • This is based on the target location set inside the script (same as point 1 above). The script will sum the amount of money spent on users located inside target location. If you set your target location to Australia, the script will show you how much money spent on users located outside of Australia.


2 reviews for Google Ads Script: Account Audit

  1. Kevin Segal

    It’s not a full audit of the account but it’s useful to run in the background. I ran this on my own account and it picked up a few things.

  2. Craig

    I’ve never used scripts in Adwords, but after applying this and seeing how useful it is I’m going to be running more scripts. I;m not a coder but found this script straight forward ot use.
    Probably the most useful for very large accounts with lots of campaigns requiring constant review. I came here from Mark’s course so got this for free but worth the price since what it saves you.

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Google Ads Script: Account Audit

2 reviews


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