Are you buying media on Snapchat Ads and creating reports in Looker Studio? The template here helps you to pull and visualize your Snapchat Ads data in Looker Studio. The insights here are retrieved at a campaign level and the following dimensions are available:

  • Campaign Name
  • Click Count
  • Amount Spent
  • Impression Count
  • Swipe-Up Count
  • Total Time Spent on top Snap Ad (in milliseconds)
  • Video Views to 25%
  • Video Views to 50%
  • Video Views to 75%
  • Video Views to completion
  • The total number of impressions that meet the qualifying video view criteria of at least 2 seconds of consecutive watch time or a swipe up action on the Top Snap

To get started should take less than 5 minutes. In order to get your dashboard up and running you will need access to an Snapchat account which is linked to a Snapchat Ads account. During the installation of the connector you will be prompted to authenticate and issue a token.

This template is free to use.
Our free plan will help you connect two data sources to two data destinations.
For more information check our website.



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Looker Studio Snapchat Ads Overview Report By

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