The Future of Financial Tracking is Customizable

This template requires the purchase of Tiller Money (Google Sheets Add-on). Tiller Money is free for 30 days, and it’s only $79/year (or $6.58/month). We are not being compensated by Tiller. We just like their software because it’s perfect for Google Data Studio.

Customize Business or Personal Finance Tracking with Tiller Money & Google Data Studio

After experimenting with Tiller Money and Data Studio, it’s the perfect Google Data Studio source. The future of financial tracking looks like Smart Finance extremely useful for tracking personal finances. Tiller and Google Data Studio are a perfect match. Whether you are looking for a personal finance dashboard or a business accounting dashboard, this template will take you far.

Smart Finance Analytics Dashboard from Data Studio Templates offers you a flexible way to customize how you track your company or personal finances. This financial tracking template leverages a secure third-party plugin to integrate and aggregate your financial records in Google Sheets.

The Smart Finance Dashboard uses Google Sheets and a powerful Google Sheets Add-on called Tiller Money. We really like it, and we think you will too. There is also an Add-on to the add-on that is called Tiller Labs which we haven’t explored much but it seems like it has some nice features.

PayPal, Bank, Credit Cards, stock portfolios, & student loans… you can track it all with the Tiller Money Google Sheets add-on. There is also a Tiller Labs Google Sheeet add-on that has even more functionality that we have not yet explored.

Tiller Money Features Include:

  • Strict privacy and bank-grade encryption
  • Combine Multiple Accounts into a single transaction feed
  • Everything from credit cards and bank accounts to PayPal &
  • Daily Transaction Pulls
  • AutoCat allows you to categorize transactions automatically
  • Incredibly Flexible, Customizable Features
  • 10x faster than static spreadsheets

We’ve not had any issues so far, but contact Tiller’s awesome support team if you have a question. We’re just the template people.

Currently, Tiller updates your spreadsheet once a day. Would like to see them increase this to a few times a day at some point.

Heads up! This Finance Template Requires Configuration in Google Data Studio

If you arrived at this page looking for a Personal Finance Dashboard, Data Studio Templates is a Google Data Studio template company. While this product works great, we are not trying to be the new Mint. Our templates, just like any Data Studio project, require a little bit of set-up. In this case, you have to set up Tiller Money on Google Sheets, and you have to add a few things to the template.

Setting up Tiller Money is easy. Tiller’s merges transactions from the last 3 months across all of your accounts into a single transaction feed. This Data Studio template was a little too easy to set-up so we threw some curveballs in there for a little added template value. (Some instructions included on the second page of the template.)

  • Community Visualization for Better Search – All you have to do is enable Community Visualization. (Instructions included.)
  • Calculated Fields – In order to better compare Revenue and Expense, there are a few calculated fields. (Instructions included.)
  • Conditional formatting is used within this template for better data visualization. (Modify at the top of the Style Tab)
  • Balance History (separate data source) – Not a feature, but you may need to configure this separately. (Total Balance, Min Balance, & Max Balance utilize this.)

Dashboard Security Tip: It is highly recommended that you only share this dashboard with emails directly. Do not use “Anyone with the Link” on this one unless you don’t mind sharing your finances.



1 review for Smart Finance Analytics Dashboard

  1. Thomas Walker

    I’ve been using Tiller Money and Google Sheets for a while and I love it. This template is an awesome add-on. I can use it to visualize what’s going on with my money. Makes it so much easier to see what’s going on than a spreadsheet.

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Smart Finance Analytics Dashboard

1 review


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