Looking to export your Google Analytics data into a familiar spreadsheet format?  This template does this and more.  It not only allows you to sync up your GA4 data with a Google Sheet, but it also presents the data in a beautiful dashboard format.

Having your GA4 data inside Google Sheets allows you to customize it and present it in unique ways.

Keep track of your website’s traffic growth and overall performance right inside of your spreadsheet. This free web traffic performance dashboard lives in your Google Sheets and is powered by your live data with a simple connection to your Google Analytics account.

Simply submit your email and follow along with the prompts to connect your Google Analytics account, and sync your live data into the dashboard in just a few clicks. 

Please note the while the product itself is available for free, in order to connect it with GA4 you may require a paid data connection.

Product Summary:

  • Ideal for: Businesses that use GA4 to track their websites
  • Why use it: Export GA4 data into Google Sheets to edit and customize data
  • Data Connections: GA4 to Google Sheets via Coefficient data connector
  • Setup difficulty: Easy


Website Traffic Report for Google Sheets

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