10 must-have resources for improving your Google Ads practice

must have resources for google ads

Google estimates that every $1 spent on Google Ads brings $8 of profit for a business — that’s a huge 800% return on investment. That means there’s a ton of potential for Google Ad campaigns. But setting up and running paid ad campaigns isn’t easy. Luckily, we have a bunch of resources that can help you.

This article will introduce 10 resources that will help you boost the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. 

Here are 5 resources you can use to plan and organize your campaigns.

SEM campaign setup form

To make sure new Google Ads campaigns get off to a good start, it’s important to have a detailed brief. You need to know the target segment, the brand’s positioning, and the objectives for the campaign. If you’re an agency or a freelancer working with a client, this campaign setup form will help you get the information you need. Even if you’re setting up a campaign for yourself this can give you a useful framework to help you get started.

Google Ads campaign structure

Before starting a new Google Ads campaign, you need to get organized. You might even need to present your plans to stakeholders. This campaign structure template helps you do just that. Using Google Sheets, this template allows you to plan and present your campaign structure for a small to medium-sized account. It’s easy to set up and it organizes your ad groups, ads, and keywords.

With this sheet you can visualize which ads will be triggered by which keywords — and you can plan out the campaign structure and ensure that your Ad groups are tightly semantically grouped. This improves your account’s quality score and makes it more efficient to run.

Google Ads Gantt planning chart

Gantt charts are bar charts that you can use for planning a project schedule. When you’re setting up a new Google Ads campaign there are a lot of moving parts and a bunch of tasks to be done. So it’s important for you to keep on top of the schedule. This Google Ads Gantt chart keeps your campaign organized so you know what needs to be done and when.

This is useful when working with a client. They can visualize how you plan to work on the account and when milestones will be achieved.  This is great for the first few months of a new account setup.

Responsive search ads template

Responsive search ads (RSA) show more relevant messages to your customers. As of July 1, 2022, all new Google search ads must be RSA — this means you need to input several headline and description options which Google automatically tests to find the most effective combinations. You can use this Google Sheets template to plan your RSAs. The template shows you the character limits for headlines and descriptions. And you can use it to plan single ads or multiple campaigns and ads.

Auction insights for Google Ads

When running a campaign, it’s always a good idea to know what the competition is up to. This Google Data Studio template gives you insights about how you stack up against your competitors in Google Ads.  It shows which competitors are bidding on the same keywords as you are and how often they are showing above you on the SERP.  If you are looking to improve your Google Ads campaigns, this insight can be useful.  It’s also easy to set up, just make a copy, link it to your Google Ads, and you’re ready to see your competitive position..

Analyzing your Google Ads campaigns

Here are 5 resources you can use to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Comprehensive Google Ads report for agencies

If you’re an agency that needs to present campaign results to your clients, this agency report template is for you. It’s a comprehensive, 6-paged report that displays Google Ads performance by pulling relevant data from Google Ads and Google Analytics. Because it’s built in Google Data Studio, it automatically pulls data from your Google Ads and Analytics accounts. And it’s super easy to share with clients.

With this report, clients can see an overview of the campaign performance, landing page reports, and competitor reports. Not only that but you can customize the report with the agency’s and client’s logos. With so much information included in the report, design is a key element — the design ensures it’s clear and easy to understand. 

User journey dashboard

Mapping your user journey is a way to visualize how users interact with your business, understand users’ pain points, and eliminate obstacles. And it helps you understand and satisfy your users’ expectations and improve the customer experience. This Google Data Studio user journey dashboard shows how your customers are interacting with your site. You can see the user’s search intent and how they came to your site. You can see revenue and conversion stats. And you can see the roadblocks getting in the way of conversions. While not directly related to your Google Ads, this report shows the post-click journey — which is an important consideration for Google Ads specialists.

Google Ads campaign comparison report

When running multiple campaigns, it’s useful to identify which are effective and which aren’t working well. This Google Ads comparison report helps you do this. Using google Data Studio to analyze campaign performance, it helps you make informed marketing decisions. It might only be a one-page report but it includes a detailed comparison of key metrics like clicks, CTR, cost/conversion, conversions, and impressions. 

E-commerce dashboard

Google Ads are a huge part of search engine marketing for e-commerce brands. And this revenue dashboard report has all you need to track your ad campaign performance — you can gain insights into key metrics like CTR, conversion rate, cost per click, revenue and ROAS. Not only that but it has 3 other pages full of useful information to monitor your online shop’s performance.

Google Ads weekly newsletter

If you’re looking for a convenient way to share campaign performance data with stakeholders, this template is for you. Using this you can schedule delivery of data studio reports by email. Recipients will get an easy-to-understand update on the previous week’s performance including metrics like conversions, CPC, and costs.

These are just a few of the resources we have available to help you get the most out of Google Ads — you can see the rest of our Google Ads dashboards and reports here.

Google Ads Tools FAQs

Do I need to Google Ads reports or templates?

While you don’t need any templates to run a Google Ads account, they greatly assist and enhance anyone who is working with Google Ads. They help you plan upcoming campaigns and analyze the performance of current campaigns. They also save you time. Making professional-looking and easy-to-understand reports isn’t easy — using a ready-made one simplifies the process.

Can I sell my own Google Ads resources?

Yes! First you need to sign up. After you’ve done that, we automatically create a seller account for you. Your dashboard will show an “add a product” option. Select this option and follow the instructions. It’s quick and easy so you’ll be selling your products in no time. Please visit our vendor page for more info.  You can check out our guide on uploading templates for more information.

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