This Google As Course is taught on an advanced level.  It is designed for Google Ads specialists who have mastered the basics of Google Ads and are looking for advanced strategies and techniques to take their practice to the next level.   The teacher has 15 years experience running large, medium and small Google Ads advertising campaigns.   the course contains 17 sections, and 69 lectures.  It contains over 6 hours of in depth video footage which includes detailed guides, walkthroughs and tutorials.  The course is extremely practical showing you actual techniques and tactics.

Please find the course landing page here, where you can read more about the course and preview the curriculum.

The course is available via Udemy, however if you get in touch with bymarketers, we can offer you a significant discount on the current price at Udemy.

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Advanced Google Ads Course

Master advanced Google Ads strategies with our comprehensive course led by a seasoned specialist boasting 15 years of campaign management experience, featuring 17 sections, 69 lectures, and over 6 hours of practical video tutorials.

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