If you need a quick and easy review of your SEO results, then this dashboard is the right choice for you. It is specially made to meet the needs of e-shops.

You don´t have to waste your time by opening and browsing your Google Analytics and Search Console to find SEO relevant data, anymore. Now you can find it all in one report.

What you can see in this report?

  • Overall SEO data for last month YoY and also last year
  • How organic traffic evolved over time
  • How does your website visitor look like last month
  • All key metrics and reports from Search Console


  • Connections: Google Analytics, Google Search Console
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Who is it for?: For all Ecommerce owners who want to see all important data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console in one place.
  • Created by: DASE Analytics




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SEO Data Studio Report for Ecommerce

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