This attractive and customisable Power BI dashboard allows you to visualize your Linkedin Ads data. It is perfect for brands who run Linkedin Ads with multiple objectives such as awareness, engagement, lead generation and gaining followers.

If you want to present data in a visually appealing way to your management or clients, this dashboard is perfect for you!

The key functionality of this dashboard is that each campaign is analyzed differently depending on the objective. 

  • Awareness Campaigns are analyzed based on CPM and Clicks and CTR
  • Engagement Campaigns are analyzed based on Reactions and Clicks
  • Lead Generation Campaigns are analyzed based on number of leads and cost per lead
  • Followers campaigns are analyzed based on the number of followers and cost per follower


This dashboard requires an additional purchase of a connector to Linkedin Ads. 

We sell our own connector at a 20% discount when you purchase this dashboard. The key difference of our Linkedin Ads connector from all others is that we charge a one-time fee for it rather than a monthly subscription. This way you save money on your reporting in the long term.

The process

After checkout on byMarketers we will reach out to you to request read only access to your LinkedIn Ads and discuss which connector you want to use. 

Once we agree on the connector, we will extract the data for you into our dashboard and send our Power BI dashboard as a PBIX file. You will then be able to do any adjustments to the file that you want.

We are also available to customize the Power BI dashboard for your needs for an extra charge. This could include changing colors, adding logos, changing/adding graphs, etc.

About Us

Vidi Corp is a data analytics consultancy with 500+ clients around the world specializing in creating dashboards using Power BI, Tableau and Looker Studio. When it comes to Power Bi, all members of the team are Microsoft-certified.


LinkedIn Ads Dashboard in PowerBI

We extract the data from your LinkedIn account and build you a custom PowerBI dashboards

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