This Linkedin Ads template is created by Power My Analytics.   Using the Power My Analytics connector together with this template you are able to get an indepth picture of your Linkedin Advertising.   This report is perfect for agencies and consultants looking for an easy way to present performance statistics to their clients.  Having a report like this adds a level of professionalism.

It’s also a great way for businesses to keep an eye on their campaigns and key metrics without having to use the tedious Linkedin interface.

The report itself contains 11 pages.  This includes a general campaign overview as well as drilling down into specific parts of the campaign such as ad types.  This allows the advertiser to see how specific ad types performed, such as video or lead gen forms.   it also drills down into customer segments such as demographic performance

Power My Analytics provides an affordable and effective solution for integrating your marketing data from Linkedin Ads into a more easily accessible, presentable and shareable form in Google Data Studio.

For full instructions on how to setup the PMA Shopify dashboard please refer to this article

After clicking the blue button you will arrive at the PMA product select and use this template for free.
Please note, while the template is free to use, PMA will require you to create an account if you decide to use their connector to connect to your data sources.


  • Connections: Power My Analytics
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Ecommerce Tracking: No
  • Goal Tracking: Yes
  • Who is it for?: Anyone running Linkedin Ads.  Especially useful for Digital Marketing agencies and specialist consultants.



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