The “Personal Swipe File for Tweets” is a tool that allows you to collect and store pre-composed tweets, making it easier to share your expertise and ideas whenever you want. It’s not meant to replace social media management tools like Buffer, but rather to complement them by providing a place to store evergreen tweets and half-baked ideas that can be edited later.

The tool includes 100 different tweet formats, such as writing prompts and simple formats that can be endlessly iterated upon. You can organize your tweets by creating custom categories, and the tool includes features like keyword replacements and auto URL adders to help you promote your products.

The tool was created using Google Sheets and is part of the Better Sheets collection, which offers over 100 tutorial videos teaching the power of Google Sheets. While the tool won’t make you Twitter famous or turn you into a great writer, it can be a helpful resource for anyone looking to improve their social media presence.



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100 Twitter Templates In a Google Sheet

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