If you want to make a successful Facebook page there are a bunch of moving parts. You need to know what content is popular, what content inspires actions, and who your audience is. This Google Looker Studio dashboard from Supermetrics gives you all that and more.

On page one, you can see a general overview of your page. This includes a comparison of your organic and your paid reach,a breakdown of your individual Facebook posts, and standard engagement metrics like clicks, likes, and CTR. On page two you can find out about your audience — who they are and what kind of actions they take on your page. And on page 3 you get a detailed breakdown of your post analytics. Put all of this together and you’ve got a powerful resource for building a winning Facebook page.

What will you find in this resource?

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the resource.
  • Three pages full of key metrics.
  • Metrics like impressions, CTR, and likes.
  • Your top performing posts.
  • Demographic stats.
  • A breakdown of actions users take on your page.
  • The most popular content type and most common actions.


  • Connections: Supermetrics
  • Set up difficulty: Easy (Please note, while the template is free to use, Supermetrics will require you to create an account if you decide to use their connector to connect to your data sources.)
  • Who’s it for?: Anyone who wants detailed analytics for Facebook pages.
  • Created by: Supermetrics




Facebook Page Reporting Template by Supermetrics


Last Updated 08 December, 2022

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