Made for agencies and freelancers this dashboard focuses on all the important performance parameters for your e-commerce business.

It’s been designed primarily as a live report and is very comprehensive.  This dashboard is very ideal for any e-commerce store.

It has a fabulous design and is able to be rebranded so it looks professional and is easy to use.

List of KPI : 

  • Total Users

  • New Users

  • Sessions

  • Views

  • Bounce Rate 

  • Sessions per user

  • Conversions:

  • Transactions

  • Total Revenue

  • Average Purchase Revenue

  • Items Viewed

  • Items Checked Out

  • Items Purchased

This dashboard also breaks down the performance of your website by different device type

You can easily find out top traffic sources for your website

Finally, you can examine the performance of your landing pages and see which regions are contributing the most amount of traffic and revenue.




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GA4 Scorecard Report - Most suitable for e-commerce

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