Set-up Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced

Included: Google Sheets Template (Data Source)

Auto-populating data insights, this ad account-level overview dashboard includes a Google Sheets template teaching you how to schedule live data from the most popular ad platforms for free. At Data Studio Templates, our goal is to give you the option to obtain your data for free whenever possible. There are subscription-based alternatives that you can use with this same template if this method is not for you.

Monitor all of your ad accounts in one report. This Data Studio template displays ad spend, conversion, average cost/conversion, and average CPC across all your digital advertising platforms. Compare your primary ad platforms side-by-side. 

Unlike most ad reporting templates, this report does not require any paid subscription to access data! This report uses a Google Sheets template as the only data source.

Account-Level Ad Spend and Conversion Tracking across Multiple Platforms

This ad reporting template was designed by an Austin company to offer a convenient way to get an account-level ad overview without having to pay a subscription. That means that it does not include instructions for setting campaign and ad group data. You can build out additional pages in your data studio report. We recommend adding  and add a new tab to your Google Sheets template such as campaign, device, and ad group data. 

In the Google Sheets template, you can schedule and pull a variety of metrics including cost and conversion data from the following ad platforms for free:

  • Google Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • Microsoft Advertising (Account-Level Overview)
  • LinkedIn Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • Facebook Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • Twitter Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • Quora Ad (Account-Level Overview)
  • *TikTok Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • *SnapChat Ads (Account-Level Overview)
  • Aggregated Ad Accounts (Google Sheets Template Formulas)

*No demo included in Template. However, it is the same general process for each Data Source.

Schedule the ad report to update hourly or daily. Real-time ad data from all of your ad platforms will allow you to calculate ROAS (return on ad spend) and aid you budget adjustments. 

Google Sheets Template Will Auto-Populate with Live Data

Using a Google Sheets Data Source requires a bit more work than a direct integration, but there are many benefits. A huge benefit is that you can perform calculations and add formulas before importing the data into Data Studio. 

With your purchase of the Data Studio template, we’ve included a free Google Sheets template with step-by-step instructions on how to pull data from the most popular ad platforms for free, updated hourly around-the-clock. This is all possible thanks to a free Google Sheets add-on.

In order to get the most out of the Multi-Platform Ad Account Report, we recommend that the person setting it up has experience working with Google Sheets. 

Some experience with Google Data Studio is also recommended, but most of the ad data integration and aggregation is completed in the Google spreadsheet template. If you would like to know if your experience is sufficient, simply contact our team. 

Data Studio Pro Challenge: Calculate ROAS in Google Sheets Data Source! 

We didn’t include ROAS because many accounts do not assign conversion values. Once you have the Google Sheets template setup, feel free to substitute or add conversion value as a custom ROAS metrics



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Multi-Platform Ad Accounts Overview Dashboard

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