4 Best SEO Reporting Dashboards in 2021

Which one is right for you?

If you’re in the business of SEO, then you’ll know that an exceptional reporting dashboard can streamline your work and make you stand out from your competition. 

But you’re probably also working day and night to get things done. 

So, we’ve saved you the search and rounded up four of our best SEO reporting dashboards in 2021. Think: looks great, easily brandable, easy to set up, pulls in all important metrics.

(You’re welcome.)

Best free SEO reporting dashboard

We all love a good freebie sometimes, don’t we? It was really hard to choose just one favorite free SEO reporting dashboard, because there are some real diamonds amongst the rough (sometimes you do just get what you pay for). But in the end, it all came back to SEMrush.

SEMrush Domain Overview

Dashboard from SEMrush Domain Overview reporting template.

The SEMrush Domain Overview dashboard is designed to display top level domain data to show your clients, from either their website or their competitors’. When you use this template you’ll be able to pull in ranking metrics from SEMRush including:

  • Traffic 
  • Keywords 
  • Traffic cost

You can also split traffic cost across paid and organic channels. The report shows your referring domains, authority score, and backlinks over time. Two tables show your top paid and organic keywords.

We like this dashboard because it’s easy to use and it consolidates unique (and fundamental) data from SEMRush into a single dashboard.

It’s an ideal dashboard for anyone, whether an agency or consultant, who uses SEMRush regularly. Are you looking for a way to share data with clients or other third parties? Or internally, but without sharing your login details.

It’s also really useful for monitoring competitors and you can duplicate it in the one report to display data for multiple websites.

Why did it make our Best SEO reporting dashboards in 2021 list?

1. You can display top-level data from client and competitor websites.

2. It’s easy to use and consolidates essential SEMrush data

Set up difficulty Medium
Ecommerce tracking No
Goal Tracking No
Data Connections SEM Rush
Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐

Best SEO reporting dashboards (and why they’re worth paying for)

Data Studio is mostly pretty intuitive. And if you’re in the business of SEO, you can probably build your own dashboards. 

But that’s fiddly, laborious and it just takes time. 

A lot of time.

So much goes into building a good dashboard. You’ll need to: gather the data, connect your data source, ask the right questions, build graphs and tables to answer those questions, and finally make it all come together in a visually appealing way that stands out from the competition. That can take hours or even days, sometimes. 

What are you losing in that time?

That’s why we offer high quality and affordable templates that will give you back your time (and billable hours).

Now that’s worth paying for.

You’ll be able to quickly visualize the right data just by connecting your sources, or use them as your starting point and customize as you go. 

Now—it felt a bit like choosing a favorite child—but we’ve rounded up 3 of our best SEO reporting dashboards.

Screaming Frog Report Dashboard

Screaming frog report dashboard for google analytics.

One of our favorite reports is the Screaming Frog Report Dashboard. It’s also a consistent best seller.

Screaming Frog is part of the next generation of reporting templates and is one of the best technical SEO tools available.

We love the dashboard for its sophisticated customization capabilities – make of it exactly what you need. Once set up, you’ll be able to: 

  • Add your logo
  • Change the conditional formatting 
  • Blend the crawl with your Google Analytics 
  • Change the elements included in your reports.

It’s easy to use and is a real game changer for SEO beginners AND experts using a crawler that boasts cutting-edge analysis tools. Use your SEO reporting to see clear, actionable steps based on key insights and pattern detection. 

The clean and crisp design is both functional and appealing and the dashboard is interactive. Which we’re very proud of, because it allows real-time data interaction during report meetings.

Why did it make our Best SEO reporting dashboards in 2021 list?

1. It’s easy to customise and brand.

2. It looks great, functions even better and is interactive in real time.

Set up difficulty Medium
eCommerce tracking No
Goal tracking No
Data connections Google Sheets (Screaming Frog Export)
Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

SEO Dashboard – Google Analytics and Search Console Data

SEO dashboard for Google Analytics and Search Console data.

Besides the eye-popping colors, this template’s strength lies in its simplicity. You won’t find extensive charts here, but it displays the most critical information. It pulls data from Google Analytics and Search Console in one report. You’ll see Google Analytics data in the first half, and Search Console data in the second.

Seeing the data side by side like this is really intuitive. First you look at page data – how many people are coming to your site and to which pages? And then you see what queries, impressions and clicks that are behind your organic traffic.

We chose this template because it’s ideal for those just starting out in SEO. It doesn’t include data about historical comparisons or rank because it focuses on the here and now. Add date filters to the functionality and you’re able to only focus on the most important time frame. 

Why did it make our Best SEO reporting dashboards in 2021 list?

1. It’s perfect for SEO newbies.

2. It pulls data from Google Analytics and Search Console.

Set up difficulty Easy
eCommerce tracking Yes
Goal tracking No
Data connections GA & Search Console
Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Premium SEO Lead Gen Dashboard

SEO lead generation dashboard from Data Studio Templates

This template is designed especially for lead gen websites. We like it because it offers both specific insights into your SEO performance and a general overview. 

The colorful yet appealing design makes it a beautiful template to use and view (and makes you look good). There’s plenty to customize as well, so you can adapt it to your needs, add branding and have it ready for viewing by clients or colleagues.

It’s a premium SEO Dashboard and is built for purpose, carefully designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. The content is shareable and your dashboard will give you more than just traffic statistics, you’ll see: 

  • landing page performance
  • search query results
  • goal tracking
  • performance overview.

This template also comes in a version specifically created for eCommerce sites (because the SEO-focused dashboard doesn’t include eCommerce tracking). You can learn more about the SEO eCommerce version if you need eCommerce tracking.

Why did it make our Best SEO reporting dashboards in 2021 list?

1. It displays both specific and top-level insights.

2. It has extensive SEO reporting functionality.

Set up difficulty Easy
eCommerce tracking No
Goal tracking Yes – Using Goal 1
Data connections Google Analytics
Score ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Over to you

We hope this has helped you better understand exactly what you can and can’t do with these great SEO reporting dashboards. Have you got questions? Check out our FAQs, leave a comment below or get in touch, we’d love to help.

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