4 Best SEO Reporting Dashboards in 2021

Which one is right for you? If you’re in the business of SEO, then you’ll know that an exceptional reporting dashboard can streamline your work and make you stand out from your competition.  But you’re probably also working day and night to get things done.  So, we’ve saved you the search and rounded up four […]


What the Data Tells us About Netflix

netflix data in data studio

Have you ever wondered just how much variety Netflix has? Or what the experience might be like in another country? Thanks to Kaggle.com, we were able to pull the data into Google Data Studio and create multiple charts, filters, and visualizations to help explore Netflix’s catalog.  In this post, we’re going to explore how you […]


The Ultimate Guide to Google Data Studio 2022

The Ultimate guide to data studio templates

Google Data Studio is a fantastic tool for centralizing and presenting your data. It is also fairly easy to use, although there is a bit of a learning curve. This guide aims to flatten this learning curve and help you get up and running with Data Studio. We have made it both easy to follow […]


Choosing the Right Data Connector in Google Data Studio

The digital landscape is vast with touchpoints across the web. As such, data is often siloed within an app or tool, jumping you from one platform to the next trying to wrangle your analytics. That’s one solution Google Data Studio seeks to provide, a single place to present all your digital data. Instead of going […]


Google Analytics vs. Data Studio: Three Use Cases for Each

At first glance, Google Data Studio appears to step on Google Analytics’ turf. After all, almost any website data collected in Google Analytics is also available in Data Studio. However, both products have specific strengths that make them compelling in different use cases.  Before we dive into specific instances where you’d use one or the […]


How to Build a Custom Data Studio Dashboard

If you haven’t experienced the peace of mind that comes from a custom-built dashboard that was designed just for you, then please keep reading. Why Choose Google Data Studio Over Competing Dashboard Builders? Google Data Studio has decided that they are tired of Tableau and Microsoft BI stealing their thunder. If you are familiar with […]


Google Sheets vs Google Data Studio


Google Sheets and Data Studio may seem like rivals at first glance, but the truth is that both excel at different things: it’s all about what you want from them. While Data Studio has fast become an agency favourite for its storytelling chops and visual splendour, Sheets still remains the go-to for data analysis and […]


Why your agency should switch to Google Data Studio

Why use google data studio

As a digital agency, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of different data sources in your day to day operations. While we all know that information is the very centre of your campaign, accessing, understanding and analysing it is another thing entirely. Us humans are a visual lot and are always looking to […]


The Best eCommerce Data Studio Templates for 2021

ecommerce data studio templates

Ecommerce data and tracking is becoming more sophisticated each year. In this article we look at our favourite ecommerce dashboards for data studio in 2021. As an eCommerce businesses you probably deal with mountains of data on a daily basis.  It’s crucial for you to be able to easily, intuitively and simply access and make […]


How to Use Calculated Fields in Google Data Studio

In this article, we are going to explain how to use calculated fields in Google Data Studio. A ‘field’  is a specific metric used in a data visualisation report. A metric is a measure used to quantitatively track or assess progress, performance, quality and more. In GDS, once a data source has been added, all […]