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This ecommerce overview report is brought to you by Windsor.ai.  It is designed to provided comprehensive reporting for ecommerce brands looking to understand their marketing efforts.

It’s designed to be quick and easy to setup and should take less then 5 minutes.

It includes 8 pages of detailed reporting on each data source so it is a great way to get comprehensive information on key marketing activites

Please note that the dashboard is free to access, but in order to us some of the data sources you will need to sign up to a Windsor.ai connector account.

Follow the link to the Windsor ai landing page to find out more about the report and get started.

  • Who should use it?: Anyone working in ecommerce and running marketing for their store
  • What can you do with it?: Track paid advertising and social promotion as well as general GA4 website data
  • What Data Sources are used?: GA4, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads



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GA4, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Meta Ads, Pinterest Ads e-commerce overview report by Windsor.ai


Last Updated 10 October, 2023

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